Di Pasquale’s in Highlandtown

p_00170 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

Di Pasquale’s


3700 Gough Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm; Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm; Sunday: CLOSED

Di Pasquale’s is located north of Eastern and east of the park in what was once Germantown I think? Anyway, people this place is freaking amazing! I’ve known about the one on Harford for quite a while of course, known for their superb fresh mozzarella. Yes, they are owned by the same family, apparently they bought the Harford road location about 20 years ago, while the one in east Baltimore has been around since 1914. That’s 14, 1-4!

So we city dwellers don’t have to make that crappy drive to Northeast (always seems to be traffic and ill-timed lights, or is it just my imagination?). Anyway the place has several tables for dining in, a selection of reasonably priced wines and booze, and most importantly, homemade Italian fare of exceedingly high quality. Their cold case is well stocked with rare delicacies, including tuna roe:

tonno Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

They also have a small selection of produce (“Foods dat begin wit da lettah Q”):

16 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

And a remarkable selection of cured meats, including speck:

14 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

Their prepared food case is exceptional:

p_00171 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

Here is a pasta salad with rape and sausage, which was a bit oily but well balanced and fresh:

 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

And here’s a sandwich I got which incorporates dry-cured filet mignon. Interesting, tasted, as you might imagine, like slightly sour, salty carpaccio, but the sandwich was very good overall, thought the components kept sliding out. A hollowed-out sub roll may be a better vehicle than focaccia. Other than that, a well-conceived sandwich – the quite sweet roasted red pepper complemented the cured beef and tapenade, while the greens added needed freshness to what was a decidedly oily stack:

 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

Maybe more than just a bit oily:

P5031147 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

A bottle of limoncello on sale for FIVE BUCKS:

12 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

So doc, I keep having this dream where I’m being chased by giant salamis….what do you think it means?

18 Di Pasquales in Highlandtown

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2 Responses to “Di Pasquale’s in Highlandtown”

  1. I love that place! They have some of the best sandwiches in the city for a really affordable price and the women that work behind the counter are hilarious.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, you should get the meatball sub. It’s massive, as in about the size of your head massive.

  2. Yes, everyone that I’ve talked to about this place tells of the legendary meatball sub. All their prepared food seems to be excellent.

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