Real Pit Beef – Real and Damn Good

badabingi01 Real Pit Beef - Real and Damn Good

Bada Bing Bada Beef


7210 Holabird Ave. Dundalk MD 21222

Open Daily, 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

Thank the lord, real Baltimore pit beef is not dead. As I’ve posted previously, it seems like fake pit beef is spreading out of control in the area. Many places now seem to use straight-up deli cuts, expose them to an open flame for a few minutes, and pass it off as the genuine article. Well we are not rubes dammit! Anyway, I knew there used to be a spot in Dundalk that was good, but I didn’t realize it was named “Bada Bing Bada Beef” Despite this uh, whimsical attribute, this place is the absolute shite.

Sandwiches are constructed from sturdy, cornmeal-y kaiser rolls and unapologetic shards of meat hewn from big, fatty, bloody hunks of top round (though I was told they may be switching to bottom round due to rising costs). Fries were very good, sauces and accoutrements were pretty run of the mill. The sweet tea is no joke – liquid diabetes in a styrofoam cup.

I got beef medium rare, of course:

badabingi02 Real Pit Beef - Real and Damn Good

A telltale sign of true pit beef,bloody bread yeehaw!

badabingi03 Real Pit Beef - Real and Damn Good

Pit ham was excellent as well, though it could have been better trimmed of fat:

badabingi04 Real Pit Beef - Real and Damn Good

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5 Responses to “Real Pit Beef – Real and Damn Good”

  1. tiffany

    ? : Are you Henry Hong? I’m just wondering as a fan and because it’s not really clear on the site.

  2. foodnerd

    Hi tiffany! yes i am henry hong, i guess i should make that clear. didn’t really think about it. sorry i’ve been slacking on the posts, i have a ton of cool stuff queued up so keep visiting and tell all your friends. and thanks!

  3. Kurt

    Thanks for the great pit beef postings.

    I have been checking out some of your recommendations and agree that Bada Bing Bada Beef is better than Chaps. Unfortunately, it seems BBBB has closed. The last couple of times that I dropped in on a Sat around lunch time they were not open. Last Sat (3/7/2009) I peeked in the window and all of the fryers and equipment were gone. I guess they are closed for good. :(

    I’m slowly working my way up route 40 trying all the pit beef shacks I can find. I’ll let you know if I find anything worth trying a second time. :)

  4. Fred

    I went to check out Bada Bing today and it was closed. I peeked in through the windows and it looked as though all of the equipment was removed as well so I went to Chaps. While the beef itself was somewhat bland as you mentioned, the bulldog’s italian sausage does a good job of hiding its shortcomings. It made me happy, but the 3 foot poster of Guy Fieri made me sad.

  5. That is truly a shame about BBBB. It was a nice little place to stop if I happened to find myself in Dundalk, which disturbingly seems to be happening a lot lately. If you are on 40 West, the true place of note is Pioneer, just a little ways north on Rolling Rd. My current favorite. Avoid Kirkwoods as they are pretty average, on the dry side actually, and then further out the vaunted Canopy is pretty good, but they use gas grills (GASP!).

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