Curse You Guy Fieri! Or, Sorry Chaps

GuyFieriSucks Curse You Guy Fieri! Or, Sorry Chaps

Well, my nightmare scenario has come to fruition. I was wrong. On top of that, I was wrong about food. Worse still, I was wrong about meat. And to top it all off, I was proved wrong by a guy with frosted tips and pinky rings. Chaps Pit Beef was featured on Food Networks’ Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives , and my theory about their using precooked roast beef seems to have been debunked. But it was revealed that they use bottom round instead of top round, and add no seasoning whatsoever, which may be why the flavor leaves many, including myself, unimpressed. But I gotta give it to Chaps for being able to turn out such tender bottom round. Also, it was cool to see that the owner and I share the Bulldog as our favorite sandwich. I still prefer Bada Bing Bada Beef, and even The Canopy, to Chaps. And not to sound too self-aggrandizing, but my homemade pit beef blows any of those three away – and it’s easy to make, try it yourself and I guarantee* you will agree.

*I, Henry Hong, hereby guarantee that if my pit beef recipe is followed closely, and the resulting pit beef is not significantly tastier than that of Chaps, Canopy, or Bada Bing Bada Beef, I will buy you a shot of bourbon at a bar of my choosing.

-Henry Hong

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5 Responses to “Curse You Guy Fieri! Or, Sorry Chaps”

  1. nighthawk

    You are correct with your guarantee!!! I tried you pit beef recipe last night, and it came out tasting better than any pit beef I ever had. Thank you for bring pit beef back to life.

  2. nighthawk – Freaking awesome! Push ups averted! So glad it worked out, but seriously as long as you have a means of slicing it properly, it’s tough to top homemade pit beef despite what most folks may think. Got any pics you can share?

  3. brooke

    I HATE Guy Fieri!!! Food Network is freaking 24/7 with that stupid idiot now days. he SUCKS and cant cook his way out of a paper bag (which is funny cause he was making a chicken in a paper bag on his shitty show) all of his shows are unoriginal copies of other successful food network shows and why the hell does he even have 500 shows on Foodnetwork? No TALENT! TAKE HIM OFF THE AIR!

  4. brian laird

    I hate him! He is so digusting with his rings and hair. I really do wish he would die!!!!

  5. Very educating post, bookmarked the site with hopes to see more information!

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