Instant Ramyun! Or “Ramen” if you must, but dude it’s not “Ray-Men”

ramyun collage

Oh poor poor instant ramen! It’s shocking that so many people have no concept of how broad of a variety exists, and the enormous meal potential that resides within each humble little pack. It suffers a stigma in the US, in the inintiated’s mind mainly the domain of indigent college students. I must admit that even many of my very own friends know only of Top or Cup o Noodles (which are in fact made by Nissin, the company that marketed the original instant ramen invented by the late Momofuku Ando). Yes these particular friends are non-Asian, but seriously people it’s 200 freakin 9 already! Get to know ramen.

The range of flavors (and quality)¬† is truly awesome, and with just a few tweaks, a sub one dollar portion of food can be made into a fine repast for two. With some additional time and effort investment the horrifyingly unhealthy aspects can even be somehwat mitigated. In the next several days, I’ll be posting detailed reviews about some more interesting brands, stuff I couldn’t fit into my Citypaper article this week, which includes a general overview and some buying/cooking tips.

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3 Responses to “Instant Ramyun! Or “Ramen” if you must, but dude it’s not “Ray-Men””

  1. Thanks for the cooking tips! I need more of this

  2. Ann

    Thanks for letting people know that there are options. I found an squid/octipus flavor one that was great. All I had to do was add green onions and scrambled eggs into it.

  3. lecia

    Just happened across your website looking for a good Pit Beef recipe (1st try). I, too, saw the episode of Barbeque U on PBS & had never heard of this dish before….I hail from the Midwest & SE Coast.
    Anyway, after perusing your site, I saw your “Ramen” article. My grandmother was Japanese, and when she would make this for me, she would always add an egg to it. Actually, I just ate some yesterday. :) Once the noodles are almost done (I don’t like al dente!), I pour most of the water out & add an egg (two, if I’m just eating the egg whites). Mix that up & add the seasoning packet. Goodness for cheap! :)

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