Hot Tamales and Fish Tacos (nudge nudge wink wink)

dan and h Hot Tamales and Fish Tacos (nudge nudge wink wink)

Sorry folks, stupid godaddy’s terrible ftp server is making my life miserable.  Anyway, last Thursday I was on the reddio with talk show extraordinaire Dan Rodricks, this time chatting about my round-up of tamales in the B-more area. It was in the annual food issue of Citypaper, and I gotta admit they might as well have called it  the Henry Hong special edition, because, pardon my French, but I was all up in that piece! I had the cover story about tamales, a normal ‘Eat Me’ about raw food (for which I got amazingly little flame), plus I was on the Eat Guide cover as the token non-black ethnic-type and I wrote a fair number of the mini-reviews therein. (Audio of the show inside)

In any case, as usual Dan’s truly remarkable talent for putting guests at ease helped me settle in quickly – when I first got there, I must admit I was a sweaty, vibrating wreck due to hangover-induced coffee overload and blinding road rage from negotiating the obstacle course that is Charles St. currently. The highlight of the show has to be when the winner of Dan’s lil trivia challenge was won by no other than my new friend Macon Hardy, which apparently rendered me totally speechless for a good few seconds. Listen here:

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And regarding fish tacos, Dan seemed to be unaware of their existence, which is too bad because they are thoroughly awesome (when done right). Also, on the show I mention they were invented in Encino, when in actuality they appear to have originated in Ensanada. Got my En-”s”-sound cities mixed up. Another friend messaged me right after the show, aghast that we were talking about fish tacos on NPR! Why I asked? – duh, fish taco is a euphemism for a certain part of the female anatomy. I always associated the term “pink taco” with vaginas, but I can see it both ways.

tamal Hot Tamales and Fish Tacos (nudge nudge wink wink)

Recipe for above tamal pictured above here

Interesting fact is that the term “hot tamales” was apparently southern slang for, um, kitties, as was made popular by the great Robert Johnson in the double entendre-filled classic (what blues standard isn’t really?) “They’re Red Hot” (later covered notably by RHCP). Which makes the already repulsive “candy” Hot Tamales that much more unpalatable. I mean, seriously, that kind of sadisitc douche invents candy that hurts? But more importantly, this means Dan and I spent the whole show unwittingly talking about vaginas. On NPR. Cross another one off my lifetime to-do  list! Speaking of NPR, Dan and I both had a laugh at the fact that the first several callers asked about vegetarian, non-wheat, non-pork fat (i.e. kosher) tamales. Oh, public radio!

Last note on fish tacos, Macon revealed that her family makes “Rocko Tacos”, which are hard-shelled tacos filled with rockfish meat! A local version of fish tacos, how awesome is that? Whether or not this is prevalent on the Eastern Shore (where she’s from) I do not know, but I trust Macon will shed more light on the subject, hopefully complete with recipe, shortly. Got that Macon?

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