Pickles, Korean Style – Oi Sobaegi/Cucumber Kimchi

OK so this is the second old post I am re-posting. Yeah I’m a lazy ass bum, But, but but but, I feel morally obligated to disseminate some at least semi- authentic kimchi info across the tubes upon hearing of Bette Midler’s recently becoming a kimchi ambassador of sorts. A friend told me she saw [...]

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Henry’s (well, Marcella Hazan’s) Minestrone

Straight to a recipe for my first post in many moons, in honor of my stint on Midday with Dan Rodricks today. This is my benchmark for Minestrone – a real vegetable soup, without so much emphasis on the tomato or starch aspect. The closest version to this I’ve found dining out is at the [...]

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A Damn Near Perfect Breakfast

Kimchi, greens, broth, rice (duh), and yes, those lightly browned squares of pinkish processed pressed pork are indeed Spam. What is it with Asians and Spam? One day I’ll get to the bottom of that mysterious connection.

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Singapore-style Curry Noodles

Had a craving for Singapore-style curry noodles today. There’s a carry out around the corner that makes a passable one, but the place is filthy, and then there’s PF Chang’s down the street, which would be like going to Taco Bell to get mole poblano. Solution: spur of the moment special today at Suzie’s Soba [...]

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Joshy boy

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Flower Mart of Shame

Our favorite (i.e. only) guest blogger Brian insisted on ranting publicly about the erstwhile genteel-sounding Mt. Vernon Flower Mart.  Frankly though, I’m not a fan simply because it occurs on weekdays, further choking traffic in mid-town where drivers tend to be even shittier than your run-of-the-mill Baltimore non-driving stupid motherf…but I digress. Enjoy.
It’s the time [...]

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Hot Tamales and Fish Tacos (nudge nudge wink wink)

Sorry folks, stupid godaddy’s terrible ftp server is making my life miserable.  Anyway, last Thursday I was on the reddio with talk show extraordinaire Dan Rodricks, this time chatting about my round-up of tamales in the B-more area. It was in the annual food issue of Citypaper, and I gotta admit they might as well [...]

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